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They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the

crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that  they can change the world, are the ones who do.” ​​​​​​​


Steve Jobs

Welcome to the Website of

Integrated Impact-Driven Ventures

Welcome to Integrated Impact Driven Ventures (Integrated Ventures), a privately-held Nevada corporation based in Las Vegas. Despite years of planning, ongoing research, project development and refinement, a global disaster known as the Covid -19 Pandemic (CoVid), and a presidential election filled with extensive fraud, we managed to survive. Now the true challenge begins!


Covid delayed our initial launch strategies in early 2020. It cost our country millions of jobs, business closures and has created an anti-business culture designed to penalize personal and business success. This resulted in our eliminating several projects, such as our PlugHUBS model, and we have further refined others. The struggle forward for small business in the post-covid world will no doubt be very different than it was in 2019. 


Integrated Ventures developed a bold and innovative new approach to building a group of socially-responsible, impact and purpose-driven ventures from the ground up we call "The Mother of All Start-ups."  This website shares some of those ventures and our development plans.


The core of our business model is centered around building and

operating a global network of Integrated Impact Venture Parks

(Impact Parks) comprised of five principal stand-alone companies .


​It is safe to say that there are few things more important than clean water, clean food and clean power or electricity. Equally true is the fact that all are currently under attack for  various reasons, whether by local and state government regulations, changing weather patterns and droughts, especially in the Western States. To understand this one needs only to follow the water shortages in California.


With this in mind, Integrated Ventures developed its atmospheric water generating business Humidapure AirWater Systems (AirWater), the heart of its proposed Impact Parks business model designed to address these issues. Integrated Ventures will own and operate its Impact Parks, and the five companies, including AirWater, designed to work together to accomplish our purpose-driven objective: to provide the regions we establish one long-term food, water and energy security.


Our goal is to also develop and operate a network of stand-alone AirWater Harvesting Farms, and provide disaster relief water and power systems as part of our humanitarian efforts or just cause. The five companies that will comprise our Impact Parks are briefly outlined below: 

                                                           Plastic2Power Inc. (P2P): P2P intends to obtain and process plastic packaging

                                                           waste locally, which we consider an endless renewable energy resource. We then

                                                           convert it into electricity using a patented and safe environmentally-friendly

                                                           pyrolysis gasification process. P2P will use the power to fuel our other Impact

                                                           Park businesses and will sell excess electricity back into the local power grid. P2P

                                                           was designed initially to address ocean plastic waste within coastal markets.


                                                           Integrated Solar & UVC Systems Inc. (SolarUV): SolarUV will install and manage

                                                           all the on-site solar electric panel generating systems within each Impact Park.

                                                           This includes solar rooftop panel systems, solar carport systems, small DuraTrac

                                                           and Smartflower sun tracking solar electric generating systems (seen in header

                                                           image above). They also provide power to our Impact Parks and for sale into the

                                                          local power grids.  SolarUV will also develop a series of portable power systems

                                                          for use in disaster relief efforts after hurricanes or earthquakes.

                                                           HumidaPure AirWater Systems Inc. (AirWater): AirWater is an atmospheric

                                                           water making business that converts the humid local airflows into fresh drinking

                                                           water. AirWater will develop and maintain multiple size systems to produce

                                                           ample fresh water for our Impact Park businesses, plus regional water systems,

                                                           for disaster relief efforts and for consumer retail under our AirWater brand. 

                                                           Fruit & Veggie Indoor Vertical Farms Inc. (Veggie Farms): Veggie Farms is a

                                                           commercial scale indoor vertical produce farm that will grow a host of fruits and

                                                           produce on a 24/7 basis for local consumer markets, cruise lines, restaurants

                                                           and hotels. It is designed to offset the local carbon footprint resulting from the

                                                           transportation of these items from outside the region. 

                                                           CityCubes Cold Storage Inc. (CityCubes): CityCubes is designed to become an

                                                           onsite cold storage and ice making facility. They will be scaled to allow local

                                                           businesses to store frozen items and food products cost effectively, if desired.

                                                           CityCubes may also establish an ice delivery service for local businesses and food

                                                           and beverage operations. CityCubes facilities will be scaled in size depending on

                                                           the location of the Impact Park. within destination Island resort or cruise port

                                                           terminal location. We intend to maximize the local cold storage potential of

                                                           food items in smaller island countries or regional coastal areas.  Commercial

                                                           Ice making will be an important added value in some markets. 

Although of the above companies will work together in a common goal, our AirWater unit will be the first to launch. We are developing our AirWater 7500 module, which we expect to produce 7,500 to 10,000 gallons of fresh water daily, and placed within our proposed Water Harvesting Farms with 4, 6, 8, 12 or more modules as our clients need. Once we can prove our water production rates, by mid 2022, we expect to provide and operate, even lease entire water plants to farmers, golf courses, vineyards and even larger scale projects to local water companies. 

Once AirWater modules are established, we will start in with our other companies, if a pro-business climate returns to the US, and to developing our Impact parks. Each companywill have their own division Vice President and management team to allow for the most experienced and focused stand-alone operations. Each Impact Park facility will become part of a network operated by us as a wholly owned division of Integrated Ventures. 

Our initial Impact Park location targets include the major cruise ship ports in Florida, Texas, California and the Caribbean. These ports often serve multiple cruise brands and require a massive amount of fresh produce, water and shore power while changing out their weekly guests. They also produce a huge amount of plastic packaging waste that we can collect and turn into power.

Our goal is to build fully sustainable - off the grid - Impact Parks on 15 to 20 acre sites that make their own power and water needed to operate. They are well suited for destination island countries that have to import oil to make power, always need fresh water, produce and cold storage. This is especially true in tourist driven resort destinations. In the process our Impact Parks will create good paying long-term local jobs that may or may not be available currently in many markets we plan to enter. 

Integrated Ventures will offer all of its group-wide multi-business employees the opportunity to share directly in our collective success through a unique joint profit-sharing plan. Under this plan, we will allocate fifteen 

percent (15%) of our consolidated pre-tax profits quarterly from all combined operations into a targeted bonus pool. This pool will be shared by all employees based on length with the company.


Our Founder believes that vested employees always work with the best interest of the company in mind. With that in mind, he intends to take Integrated Ventures public by way of a Direct Public Offering (DPO) in 2023 and develop a stock option plan all employees can participate in.


In addition to the 15% provided to the profit sharing plan, five-percent (5%) of our combined

net profits are contributed directly to our founders private non-profit organization Clear Blue

Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundationto help fund its ongoing ocean issue awareness efforts

and initiatives. These include: marine and tropical reef conservation, addressing ocean plastic

packaging waste, the 1.5 billion face-mask ocean waste, the need to reduce overfishing

and efforts to eliminate shark fining. In addition, Integrated companies help promote CBO

Foundation products, services and other fund raising initiatives. 

As the saying goes - "Change is the only constant factor in life and any viable business." We agree. Integrated Ventures continues to experience and adapt to ongoing changes in this now CoVid altered world we all live in. Despite the challenges ahead we continue to refine our models, may add new ventures and delete others. As a result our website content continues to undergo changes. We thank your for your understanding!


Stay tuned as 2021 develops into the Year of the Entrepreneur!  

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