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After years of detailed planning, ongoing research, project development and refinement, plus a few global disasters like the current CCP Virus Pandemic (CoVid-19), which caused months and in some cases years of delay, we are pleased to finally begin launching our projects

Integrated Impact-Driven Ventures Inc. (Integrated Ventures), is a wholly owned division of the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc (APVG), based in Las Vegas, Nevada. It is one of the three companies proposed to be taken public by APVG within the next two years.


Integrated Ventures represents a bold and innovative new approach to building a diverse group of socially responsible companies from the ground up. We will set out to build and operate a network of self-powered Impact Venture Parks (Impact Parks) within North America, Hawaii and the Caribbean.


On average, our Impact Parks will be built on 20 acre sites, and will host our five (5) wholly owned core businesses, each with their own management teams. These five companies collectively work together

to achieve our primary common Impact Park objective: To provide long-term food, energy and water security to remote island destinations, rural ares,  well established cities and other regions in which they will be located in. The five companies are listed below with a brief outline:


Plastic2Power Inc. (P2P): P2P will obtain and process local plastic packaging waste, which we consider

an endless renewable energy resource. Using a patented environmentally-friendly pyrolysis gasification 

process, P2P will convert this waste into usable power (electricity) to fuel the other businesses within our owned and operated Venture Park. Excess electricity is sold into the local power grid.

Integrated Solar & UVC Systems Inc. (SolarUV): SolarUV will establish and manage the on-site solar electric panel generating farms within each Impact Park. This includes solar rooftop panel systems, solar carport panel systems and a unique sun tracking SmartFlower electric generating system, which will also provide power to other Impact Park businesses and the local power grids. 

HumidaPure AirWater Company Inc. (AirWater): AirWater is an atmospheric water making business that converts the humid local airflows into fresh drinking water. AirWater will develop and maintain multiple size systems to produce ample fresh water for our Impact Park businesses, regional water 

supplies, disaster relief water systems and products, plus sell water under its AirWater brand locally.

Fruit & Veggie Indoor Vertical Farms Inc. (Veggie Farms): Veggie Farms is a commercial scale indoor vertical produce farm that will grow a host of fruits and produce on a 24/7 basis for local consumers, markets, restaurants and hotels. It is designed to help offset the local carbon footprint resulting from the transportation of these items from outside the region. 

CityCubes Cold Storage Inc. (CityCubes): CityCubes is designed to become an onsite cold storage and ice making facility. They will be scaled to allow local businesses to store frozen items and food products cost effectively, if desired. CityCubes also intends to establish an ice delivery service for local businesses

and food and beverage operations.

More about each of the above Venture Park businesses can be found on their dedicated web pages on this website. Our goal is to build fully sustainable off the grid Impact Parks that make the power we need at each site to operate under a very cost effective structure not currently available within most of the markets we plan to enter.

In addition to the above businesses, Integrated Ventures will also develop and manage a series of unique services to support the ongoing long-term growth of other APVG business models, including, but not limited to the following brands:

                                                                      Airwater PlugHUBS (PlugHUBS). The PlugHIBS model was

                                                                      designed to incorporate two of our five business models (AirWater

                                                                      and SolarUV) into a scalable high growth network of fully staffed

                                                                      electric vehicle (EV) charging center business to help promote our

                                                                      solar power, UV sterilization and AirWater products.


By offering a membership-based  model, members will receive unlimited access to charge their electric vehicles or RV units, within a service-minded PlugHUB facility, offering clean restrooms wherever they travel or live. Members will be able to refill their containers with "Freshly Made" onsite atmospheric

AirWater, enjoy APVG's  KaffeLua Maui Hawaii grown coffee, limited pre-packaged food and beverage items, and even a specialty pizza. PlugHUBS is the second of three APVG planned public companies.

They project to 500 locations in operations by the end of 2025, and over 2,500 locations by 2030.

                                                                     Aquarium Restaurant Group (AQRG), is an APVG company that will

                                                                     develop two core restaurant brands, and is the third of three unique

                                                                     companies APVG intends to take public. These include it's Tropical

                                                                     Reef Travel Cafes (Travel Cafes), a tropical themed over-the-counter

                                                                     food and beverage chain offering travel agency-like services, and the AquariumGrille & Bistro (AQ Bistro), a full-serve restaurant and brew-pub.  They

will be built as stand-alone units and along side PlugHUBS whenever suitable larger 

available parcels. Integrated Ventures will provide and manage the solar power and

AirWater systems to all locations. Both concepts

are designed with Drive through food-service and

to drive the ocean issue awareness messages of

APVG's non-profit CBO Foundation.


                                                                    SkyPod Transit Systems (SkyPODS), is a proposed APVG owned

                                                                    solar powered aerial transportation system designed to serve both

                                                                    private projects, resorts and public needs. The SkyPODS system 

                                                                    incorporates various technologies being developed by third parties,

                                                                    as well as our SolarUV division. The unique features of this mode of 

                                                                    future transportation is that private SkyPODS can transport 8 to 15

                                                                    passengers point-to-point without stopping, bypassing  the stops

                                                                    to end destinations.


The SkyPODS  concept was first developed by APVG for a proposed interisland aerial transit system for the Island of Maui, Hawaii and its proposed Aquarium Plaza Golf Resort development in 2015, a project

that was later scrapped. SkyPOD transit system was designed to move both residents and tourists throughout the project, from hotel to area restaurants and shopping venues, golf club to apartments or senior living center. APVG has since incorporated it into our proposed corporate campus development.


The AngelPreneur Venture Park & Corporate Campus (Integrated Campusis our proposed multi-building office/warehouse/industrial project that will house most of our companies and those of APVG. It is planned for Las Vegas, Nevada, and once completed in late 2021 these companies will design and build all our needed equipment, fixtures and systems to better control quality and delivery timelines.

By design, our socially responsible business structure will offer our group-wide APVG & Integrated Ventures base of employees the opportunity to share directly in our success through a unique profit-sharing plan. Under this plan, APVG will allocate fifteen percent (15%) of its consolidated adjusted net profits quarterly from all operations into a bonus pool.  


An additional ten percent (10%) of all net profits are contributed directly to APVG's private Hawaiian non-profit organization Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation), to help fund its ocean issue awareness efforts and initiatives, marine conservation, addressing ocean plastic packaging waste, the need to reduce overfishing and shark fining. 


In this new CoVid-19 world, with civil unrest and massive unemployment that we all now live in, building a new and exciting business model is risky. However, the opportunity to create over 2,000 plus jobs within the next three years, and perhaps over 40,000 within 10 years,  is well worth the challenges that lay ahead. Stay tuned as 2020 develops and we prepare our companies for  launch. 

In the Spirit of Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers,

the round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently; they’re not fond of rules.


You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them - because they change things.


They push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the

crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that  they can change the world, are the ones who do.” ​​​​​​​


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