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Integrated Impact-Driven Ventures

Effective April 1, 2022, Integrated Impact Driven Ventures Inc. (Integrated Ventures), is the business development division of the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc ( APVG), a Hawaiian for profit corporation and parent of the Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation), a Hawaiian 501c3 non-profit charity. 

Integrated Ventures is a based in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it was founded in 2015. Most of our projects and developments are based locally, although some will be based elsewhere. Our goal and objective is to establish and operate a diversified group of businesses and manage all CBO Foundation related programs and initiatives.

Each of our companies will be established with their own management teams to maximize their individual potential for success. They will work under the Integrated Ventures executive management team led by our Founder/President/CEO Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann. 

The current global political and economic state of affiars, the anti-business environment and pathetic leadership across most states and all federal political instututions within the United States continues to delay our progress. As a result we have substantially reduced our project portfolio and scrapped some projects over the past several months.  


We are currently in the process of updating our websites and individual content pages for the proposed companies and division we continue to develop, including, but are not limited to those featured below with a brief description.  


The Atmospheric AirWater Group


The Atmospheric AirWater Company (AirWater), is a new company we intend to launch to make atmospheric drinking water from local humid airflows, and bottle it in aluminum cans and bottles for consumer, restaurants, hotels and other large scale users.

The combined Integrated Ventures goal is to eliminate part of the 50 billion plastic bottles that are used within the United States annually.  To get there, we developed the AirWater Franchise business opportunity model that ibuild into ma netowrk of locally owned and operated water-making locations that will also feature a bottling line of 50 18oz cans per minute for local distribution and sale.  

HumidaPURE SunWater Systems Inc. (HumidaPURE) is a standalone division of Integrated Ventures and company we developed and launched in 2021, in Thousand Oaks, California.  HumidaPURE is designed to offer solutions to regional water shortages that small farms, vineyards and other users experience, includeing office towers, hotels, commercial centers, and local breweries within the regions 

they will serve. 

HumidiPURE 2021 Logo.png

HumidaPURE  offers clients the ability to build a sustainable means to generate atmospheric drinking water from 50 to 15,000 or more gallons of fresh water daily. Often these SunWater Systems are solar powered or incorporate eco-friendly, bio-fuel powered electric generators that are approved by the California Air Quality Board. 

Solar Indoor Vertical Produce Farms 

Solar Produce Farms.png

Solar Produce Farms Inc. (SolarPRO), is ome of our newest ventures now in development and is designed to take sustainable farming to the 

next level.  Image growing fresh produce under a transparent solar power generating roof canopy, one that produces power to make atmospheric water from humidity while growing produce.

SolarPRO) is has developed a 15 Megawatt power generating farm concept, that will grow a variety of produce products and cannabis under its canopy system, make upwards of 60,000 gallons of water daily for its onsite farms, vineyard and power a winery, hotel, senior housing center and apartments. This $400 million project will change the way eben indoor faming takes place in the years ahead. 

The Las Vegas Aquarium Plaza Development 

Our proposed Aquarium Plaza Development (AQ Plaza) is a mixed use entertainment and restaurant venue, integrating our Clear Blue Oceans Foundation - ocean plastic waste issue awareness efforts and logo-branded apparel and accessories. We are targeting the Summerlin community for this $25 million dollar project and hope to have it open by mid 2023. It will include:

The AQ Plaza will also feature solar power generating systems, an AirWater atmospheric water making operation and indoor vertical farm located in the underground level, providing produce and fress drinking water for our restaurant. We are targeting the Summerlin community for this $25 million dollar project and hope to have it open by mid 2023. It will include:


Our Aquarium Gallery Restaurant had been on hold due to the Covid Pandemic for over two years, and is now an active part of Our Plaza project. It is designed to offer a local destination family dining venue

SunStarGolf Logo.png

SunStar Golf  is designed to redefine the indoor

virtual golf entertainment experience with 20 bays

of state-of-the-art golf simulators. Once online,

golfer's can play over 160  famous golf courses in

the comfort of club lounge setting. 


ReefShark Apparel & Accessories (ReefShark), is designed to serve mainly as the official CBO Foundation's online store and provide bulk merchandise to all our brands, CBO Foundation beach clean-up events and related programs. 

ReefShark will offer mainly reusable stainless steel and glass bottles, logo-branded apparel items such as hats, sunglasses shirts, jackets, plus items needed for their proposed quarterly waste conferences and annual EXPO.


The Aquarium Restaurant Group