The Company History & Insight Behind 

The Impact-Driven Business Model

Integrated Impact Driven Ventures Inc (Integrated Ventures), is a wholly owned division of the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc. (APVG) a privately-held Hawaiin corporation owned by our Founder and President Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann, 65, an Angel Investor/Entrepreneur.  Mr. Ortmann is the host of The AngelPreneur podcast series that will feature our business development and launch processes beginning in late 2021. 


Integrated Ventures was formed as a Nevada corporation in September 2015, originally as EcoBioChar Soil Systems Inc, then to Plastic2Power USA in 2019, then changed again to our current name in 2020 to reflect a more refined and integrated overall business model.


The above video: the Infinite GameMindset To Business in the 21st Century presented by Simon Sinek shares our Founder/CEO's thinking of how businesses, certainly in the post covid world should now be structured and run today.  In particular, the importance of offering a purpose or Just Cause in building out a viable brand that shares a collective mission or objective.

To date our Founder and his partners have invested USD $2.4 million over the years into much of what you discover here and various related business models outlined on other websites. We refer to them

as the "Mother of All Start-ups" projects. The journey here has been under construction for a long time, delayed by a global Covid pandemic and other matters. Those experiences led us to make changes to reflect the current global economic conditions, new business designs, structures and process changes.


As an example, one such change occurred when we first formed Plastic2Power (Integrated Ventures). At first we focused on building a plastic waste collection network and converting this waste into oil (the origin of plastic). We intended to use a process line built in China that generated 1 gallon of oil for every 10 pounds of waste waste processed. However, as oil prices dropped from near $100 to near $20 a barrel over the years, it delayed the launch process. Today oil is back up to near $60 and closer to the breakeven level to process this waste.


In the "America First" and "Built in the USA" culture, we did what entrepreneurs do - we adopted a new approach to streamline our objectives further and repositioned our business as more a jobs creation opportunity. Although our Plastic2Power waste to energy model remains one of our core businesses, it will now convert waste to syngas to fuel electric turbine generators without the need to create plastic oil, making for an even more eco-friendly and cost effective processing model. 


By designing our processing system away from oil, we no longer need to depend on China to build our equipment, a major advantage. By acquiring waste directly from local recycling companies, we no longer need to build a collection network, a huge initial and ongoing cost savings. All in all, these changes will streamline the Plastic2Power business model and save millions over the years in the process.


The Covid situation has further delayed our planned launch and caused us to refine our models again. These ongoing delays proved to benefit us in many ways. It made us rethink our overall strategies, our structures, caused us to redesign our processes and repurpose our integrated objectives.


Along the way we developed a new Humanitarian business model that now includes companies like atmospheric water making, solar power generating, vertical farming, cold storage and converting plastic waste to power. 


Integrated Ventures is positioned to excel forward and provide energy, food and water stability to remote locations long-term, creating thousands of new jobs in the process. Our first challenge will be launching PlugHUBS and establishing our diversified management teams. That process is now underway.