An Overview of The 

AngelPreneur: Building The Dream Web Series 

Starting in late 2020, Integrated Ventures will

appear in the APVG produced web series called

The AngelPreneur: Building the Dream in

Real Time (the “Series”).

The Series was created by our Founder and lead character, Peter The AngelPreneur” Ortmann, also known as: The Shark (in logo) or Petey. The Series will feature The Shark serving as the "Conductor" of a well-orchestrated group of start-up businesses, Integrated Ventures, each serving as an important instrument of a consolidated business musical production he calls “The Mother-of-all-start-ups.”


The Shark is an out-of-the-box passionate, socially-focused, impact-driven entrepreneur. A creative big thinker often referred to as the AngelPreneur. A nick name he earned for being an active Angel Investor who develops and invests mainly in his own EntrePreneurial ventures over the past 40 years. 

His multi-business Integrated Impact-Driven Ventures development strategy, although uniquely disruptive by design, sets out to reverse engineer the build out process in real time over a five (5) year production run (60 - 50 minute monthly Webisodes).  Along the way the Series incorporates

the initiatives of his Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation).


The Series will be subscription based and incorporate elements of the popular television series The Apprentice, Shark Tank and Office, blending similar elements into an original, educational and entertaining reality-based business-building format.  


Although set within a Las Vegas, studio, The Shark will take viewers on the entrepreneurial reality ride of a lifetime as he travels between California, Hawaii, Wyoming and elsewhere. His projects have been years in the making and he shares that journey and some other projects within the series.

The Shark will be busy leading his management teams forward while addressing the ocean and plastic waste issues. The Series represents an innovative combined business marketing and ocean-issue awareness strategy designed to share a powerful storyline that viewers can engage in and benefit from long-term.

Sound crazy and Absurd?  Maybe! However, that is what will make this Series unique and exciting. It will also help drive the Integrated Ventures growth as more people seek to have a Venture Park built in their region, and AirWater PlugHUB locations.

The Series will offer a number of powerful product placement opportunities for our electric Car brands or any brand that cares about the oceans and wants to participate in solving one of the world’s greatest waste challenges .

A multi-part Series pilot is now in pre-production, and scheduled for release for free online by the winter of 2020. The Shark will seek Series distribution on an established streaming service: such as; NetFlix, YouTube, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, ShowtimeApple or Disney., once the first pilot clip is ready. 








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