Welcome to the Proposed
Las Vegas Aquarium Plaza Project

The conceptual site plan rendering below was developed for internal planning only and will change to suit the actual land parcel acquired for the project. The design calls for a two story structure with an underground space to house a vertiocal farming and water making operation, plus the various saltwater acquariums featured throughout the project.

The Las Vegas Aquarium Plaza Development 

AQ Underground.jpg

Underground Level (AirWater, indoor 

Produce Farm and Aquarium Operations)

AQ Golf Club 2nd floor.jpg

Level 2 (Aquarium Gallery Restaurant, CBO Foundation Info & Reefshark Apparel )

AQ Golf Club.jpg

Main Ground Level 1 (SunStar Virtual Golf Club, golf lessons, equipment & Cart sales)

AQ Golf Club Roof.jpg

Roof Level (Solar panel canopy over roof equipment and aquarium tank skylights )

The central feature of the AQ Plaza is a 30 foot round, by 50 foot tall saltwater aquarium with a reef structure within its center.  Our goal is to duplicate the AQ Plaza model to a second location within Las vegas, build one in Reno/Tahoe area of Northern Nevada, and elsewhere in the future. Stay tuned for more details by summer 2022.

Our proposed Aquarium Plaza Development (AQ Plaza) is a mixed use entertainment and restaurant venue, integrating our Clear Blue Oceans Foundation - ocean plastic waste issue awareness efforts and logo-branded apparel and accessories. We are targeting the Summerlin community for this $25 million dollar project and hope to have it open by mid 2023. It will include:

The AQ Plaza will also feature solar power generating systems, an AirWater atmospheric water making operation and indoor vertical farm located in the underground level, providing produce and fress drinking water for our restaurant. We are targeting the Summerlin community for this $25 million dollar project and hope to have it open by mid 2023. It will include:


Our Aquarium Gallery Restaurant had been on hold due to the Covid Pandemic for over two years, and is now an active part of Our Plaza project. It is designed to offer a local destination family dining venue

SunStarGolf Logo.png

SunStar Golf  is designed to redefine the indoor

virtual golf entertainment experience with 20 bays

of state-of-the-art golf simulators. Once online,

golfer's can play over 160  famous golf courses in

the comfort of club lounge setting. 


ReefShark Apparel & Accessories (ReefShark), is designed to serve mainly as the official CBO Foundation's online store and provide bulk merchandise to all our brands, CBO Foundation beach clean-up events and related programs. 

ReefShark will offer mainly reusable stainless steel and glass bottles, logo-branded apparel items such as hats, sunglasses shirts, jackets, plus items needed for their proposed quarterly waste conferences and annual EXPO.


The Aquarium Restaurant Group