Overview of Our
Impact Venture Engineering & Design Group 

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                                                                                                              Impact Venture Engineering & Design Group

                                                                                                              (Design Group ), is a stand-alone division being

                                                                                                              established by Integrated Ventures. They will

                                                                                                              be based and operate from Thousand Oaks,

                                                                                                              California by late summer 2021. 


Our Design Group will manage and coordinate our network of in-house and remote system engineers and designers, each tasked with specific design tasks to meet our collective goal of successfully building and operating Impact Parks worldwide. A bold, yet simple goal, but one with many moving parts. 


Design Group will operate within teams for each unique model, designing not just the building needs, but processing flows and equipment needed. They will produce all design and equipment drawings, specifications, work with our local architects and serve as the project manager on all projects. 


Design Group will also work to design power and fresh water systems for use in disaster relief support efforts, for outside clients like golf courses, destination resorts and hotels. Our market focus will be mainly center on coastal regions and island resorts as they offer the highest humidity needed to produce AirWater, a key factor in our overall business model.

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