Overview of our Proposed

Employee Profit Sharing Plan 

In an effort to share our combined success our Founder developed our Employee Profit Sharing Plan 

(EPSP). The EPSP will be funded with an ongoing fifteen percent (15%) share of our quarterly pre-tax profits (adjusted annually). The EPSP pool will be shared with a growing group-wide employee base 

and paid quarterly as a performance bonus.  


All Integrated Ventures business related employees will be awarded credits we refer to as Clams, in keeping with our ocean focus. They receive Clams when joining any of our companies, in values based on their position. In addition, each employee will earn 1 to 3 Clams monthly thereafter for each month of service, which accrue for as long as they remain with the company.


Each quarter the total outstanding Clams that have accrued to date are divided by the total gross EPSP contribution value to create a Clam Value (CV). This CV is multiplied by the number of Clams the employee has accrued by the end of any given quarter, then paid to them as a bonus.

Clams accrue for as long as the employee remains employed, even when they move between them. The longer they remain, the larger their quarterly bonus amount will be, as our profits continue to grow as well. Clams are lost when leaving the group company or when terminated for just cause. More details will be available once fully developed.

Although not yet deemed legal, our goal is to have the total Clams an employee has accrued will be used to represent a future 1/1 equity share option value prior to going public. As an example, an employee with 8,000 Clams would have a right to acquire 8,000 shares of stock at a 10% discount in our future proposed DPO. No guarantee can be made that this benefit can in fact be offered, but our founder is determined to make it happen..











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