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PlugHUBS Inc. (PlugHUBS) is a California corporation being structured as a future public company and

a stand-alone Integrated Ventures company. PlugHUBS is based in Thousand Oaks, and will develop, build and operate a membership-based network of fully staffed, franchise-like EV charging centers called EVPlugHUBS designed for owners of any brand electric automobile, recreational vehicle, hotel shuttle and delivery businesses within North America.

Our primary objective is to build a dependable network that blends all types of EV transportation units and assets together, in a safe, clean and cost-effective approach. The conceptual rendering above will become the standard EVPlugHUB model, which will offer similar services at each location. Including units a SunStar Transportation (SunStar) facility to manage the EV ClubLimoLiners and free local shuttle services.  They will be located along the major cities and highways within North America. 


EVPlugHUBS are designed to become the pioneer of the single source charging solution for a the

growing electric vehicle market, incorporating our atmospheric water making products HumidaPure

AirWater Company (AirWater), and Integrated Solar & UVC Systems (SolarUV). Our goal is to offer reliable rapid EV charging and sell surplus power into the local grid whenever possible.


EVPlugHUBS will feature the Smartflower solar electric generating sun-tracker system to provide power and attract attention.  Our EVPlugHUBS include 12 SmartFlowers and over 18,600 SF of roof-top solar panels, plus additional solar arrays on the 5 acre plus sites.  


EVPlugHUBS were designed to serve as a powerful consumer friendly solar electric marketing and awareness model for our SolarUV and AirWater units, plus other Integrated Ventures businesses models. As such, we may co-brand them as Smartflower EVPlugHUBS to help increase awareness of the Smartflower value.


PlugHUB Club Members will pay a low monthly fee to obtain unlimited rapid charging regardless of where they may travel for their electric powered vehicles. Each location will feature a 24/7 service minded staff that will charge their EV - regardless of brand or vehicle type cable requirements. Members will be able to use a mobile App to pre-book charging slots and services featured on the advertiser supported EVPlugHUBS.com website (now under development). 


Members may fill their personal water bottles and containers with AirWater made onsite from local humidity, or purchase pre-filled water products. They can enjoy a slice of specialty made PlugHUBS Pizza onsite, a healthy Fruit & Veggie smoothie or other pre-packaged food items in the members lounge. They can order a take home pizza in advance, enjoy an exclusive KaffeeLua Maui grown coffee product onsite while they wait or take beans home buy.  

Our initial EVPlugHUBS will be located along

the highways between Las Vegas and up and

down the State of California, in Arizona, Utah and

Nevada, then the Hawaiian Islands by late 2023. We

have identified the first 12 locations we intend to build

out, including, Las Vegas, Nevada, Baker, Barstow,

Fontana, Westlake Village/TO, Camarillo, Buellton, Paso Robles, Bakersfield,

Sacramento, San Diego and Irvine. We will add Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Reno once

we can build the initial routes in and out of Las Vegas, which will serve as a major Hub for us.


Once our membership grows within the regions we have targeted, with a population of over 52 million, we will begin building out the remaining 100 plus EVPlugHUBS within the five states we have targeted. By 2026 we hope to have all 100 units open, and by 2030 we plan to have over 500 EVPlugHUBS along the major highways within North America, including Canada, subject to membership growth and funding.

The EVPlugHUB Revenue Sharing Management Opportunity 


To manage our projected rapid growth, we developed an exclusive location management opportunity, similar to a specialty food franchise model. Under our program, interested entrepreneurial operators can acquire an EVPlugHUBS Management & Revenue Sharing Partnership Agreement (EVP Partner)


Like a franchisee, interested EVP Partners may secure the Agreement for a non-refundable one-time fee of $20,000 for a desired city or region, plus $100,000 per PLUS location and $50,000 for a smaller unit (up to five (5) maximum). All location fees will be fully refundable over a 36 month term. Our goal is to offer a rewarding opportunity with minimal risk, by building a vested network of operators to foster rapid growth of the EVPlugHUBS business model. 


The EVP Partner will seek out a location, all details and PlugHUBS Inc will acquire or lease the potential property, subject to our approval, then we will build-out the location at our expense. Once in operation we share revenues of that location with the EVP Partner who manages them under our terms and conditions. We believe vested managers in each location will lead to offering a better member experience while also 

providing a unique business opportunity to like-minded entrepreneurs. 

EVP Partners manage their locations and hire local employees, while PlugHUBS Inc pays for all operating expenses, including rent, insurance and payroll (paid by reloaded debit cards bi-weekly). EVP Partners will earn a base salary of $5,000 monthly, participate in our employee profit sharing program and will receive 20% of the adjusted net profits of their location quarterly.

EVPlugHUB revenues will come from a number of sources, including memberships fee income, surplus power sales into the local grid, food and beverage sales, retail apparel and accessories sales, advertising and sponsorship income. Stay tuned for more details as we launch EVPlugHUBS.com, its own website in late Spring of 2021.   









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