Overview of The

Fruit & Veggie Vertical Indoor Farms Business

The Fruit & Veggie Vertical Indoor Farms (Veggie Farms) business model will provide a large scale produce factory in all our Impact Parks. By growing mixed greens, onions, multiple berries and other common menu-related produce 

items, we can greatly offset the carbon footprint from transporting these items from outside an area. 

Fruit n Veggie logo.png

Veggie Farms, on average, will operate out of a proposed 180,000 square foot facility within each Impact Park. Much like seen in the above video (not our Farm), these indoor vertical farms will feature multi-level growing beds that are staged to deliver an ongoing supply of produce locally on a consistent daily basis. Each farm will likely employ over 150 people.

An indoor vertical farm requires a substantial amount of electricity and water to operate on a full 24/7 basis. In remote island regions, power is expensive, water often in short supply, which make

operating a vertical farm all but impossible. By making our own power and water we offset these risks and bring a viable food resource to areas that need it most and reduce their need to import similar items from far away places.