Overview of The

HumidaPure AirWater Business Model

HumidaPure AirWater Systems (AirWater), is developing a unique line of water-making equipment for multiple large and small scale applications (similar to the EcoloBlue system seen in the above video). The design objective is to convert humid airflows found in most cities, mainly coastal areas and the tropics - into fresh drinking water.

AirWater Logo.png

AirWater will develop systems that provide air cooling for comfort, while making fresh water too, within an office building or hotel project in lieu of other HVAC systems. AirWater will establish a local water delivery service and large scale remote water plants for local cities or counties, if desired by them.  In short, AirWater systems will produce water for the needs of any home or business within the communities with an active Impact Venture Park or separately.


AirWater will likely play an

important role in future local development projects. The ability to build a fully eco-friendly sustainable water system within any resort or commercial development, along with solar electric power and UVC sterilization systems, will add value to any green project. It will also drive Integrated Ventures business growth.

As outlined in the above rendering, the process is not complex and it can be operated entirely with solar power. Atmospheric water-making is not rocket science, but perfect for any tropical island or coastal destination where the "Humidity Richairflows can be "Milked" for water


AirWater intends to develop portable disaster relief water-making plants that can be deployed quickly when disaster strikes an area or water supplies become damaged or sparse. The goal being in part to eliminate the number of plastic water bottles sent to these sites after such events. Larger stand-alone AirWater systems could even help solve local water issues long-term that exist.

AirWater believes it can scale up to produce enough fresh water to fill a resort golf course lake daily, while also provide fresh water for any size hotel. Two separate, but equally important water systems which can be used for irrigation, and one for fresh alkaline-rich drinking water.


AirWater itself will become a branded product that will be known as a truly "Fresh Water" resource

and sold on a retail level wherever possible.