Overview of The

HumidaPure AirWater Business Model

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HumidaPure AirWater Systems  (AirWater), is developing a unique water-making module for multiple large and small scale applications (similar to the EcoloBlue system seen in the above video)

Our design objective is to convert humid airflows found in mainly coastal areas and the tropics - into fresh drinking and irrigation water. AirWater will develop and operate Water Harvesting Farms using its AirWater 7500 module to provide farmers, golf courses, vineyards and local water companies with water. As the drought in the west continues, and lake levels decline, AirWater will likely play an important role in their future operations.

As outlined in the above rendering, the process of making water is not complex and can be operated entirely with solar power. Atmospheric water-making is not rocket science, but perfect for any tropical island or coastal destination where the "Humidity Rich" airflows can be "Milked" for fresh drinking water. 


AirWater intends to develop a single modular unit called its AirWater 7500 AWG, which we believe will produce between 6,000 to 10,000 gallon of fresh water daily, depending on intake air humidity and temperatures. A rough conceptual design is shown below, and is currently being finalized for construction of three prototypes. 

Our AirWater 7500 modules

incorporate proven existing

equipment and are designed

to allow for rapid production

manufacturing to support our

proposed growth.Our target

market is mainly commercial

so we do not plan to sell single

units to individual parties. We

intend to place 4 or more units

within Water Harvesting Farms

(WHF) as client needs dictate.


Our modules are built on a 20' high cube shipping container footprint, with the top refrigerant coil condenser unit section added on in the field. This allows for easy shipping to iprovide disaster relief water-making plants that can be deployed quickly when disaster strikes an area or water supplies become damaged or sparse.


Larger stand-alone Water Harvesting Farm systems could help solve local water issues long-term that exist in the Western States. In one example shown below, we incorporate 11 AirWater 7500 Modules under a 10,000 square foot solar electric generating canopy, These modules are connected to a centralized water purification plant, and could produce 80,000 to 100,000 gallons per day (GPD) of fresh water. Actual volumes will vary by location, air intake humidity levels and temperatures.  





























As water shortages out west continue to increase, and lake levels decrease, we believe an AirWater 

Harvesting Farm will become an important part of the future operations of many regional farmers, vineyards, golf courses, and even local water companies within California, Hawaii and other drought stricken regions.


We will be able scale up or down to meet almost any water need of a client, up to 500,000 GPD. and plan to provide a full service operation to end users. To offset the out of pocket upfront costs of the potential clients, we are hope to provide a complete leased service package, retaining ownership of the equipment, while operating their plants. 

AirWater itself will become a branded product that will be known as a truly "Fresh Water" resource

and sold on a retail level wherever possible.  We also intend to develop a full glass bottle filling operation for consumer retail in the future.

AirWater Module 7500.png
11 AWG Farm.png