Integrated Ventures Proposes The

Impact Driven Entrepreneurs Act ("IDEA")

A Self-funded Federal Jobs Creation & CoVid Recovery Program 

Our Proposed Program Overview & Structure 

The impact of the global China Virus Pandemic (CoVid) can not be understated

on any level. It has caused the overnight collapse of many global industries and

economies, countless deaths, both personal and business losses, never mind

the loss of our freedoms. The politicalization of this global tragedy, senseless

rioting, looting and destruction of our cites is beyond pathetic, but fueled in part

by the sudden loss of millions of jobs across all sectors of our economy.

We believe the Trump Administration and federal government reacted immediately to stem the flow of travel due to offset the spread of CoVid, and are thankful they provided over USD $6 Trillion in financial support to help businesses and people overcome these impacts. 


We also believe that our local state and federal Governments can only do so much, so fast to address sudden impacts caused by CoVid. To fully recover, entrepreneurs everywhere need to get engaged and help restore the lost jobs that fuel our local, state and federal economies.


With that goal in mind, Integrated Ventures Founder/President/CEO, Peter “TheAngelPreneur” Ortmann (Ortmann), set out to develop the Impact Driven Entrepreneurs ACT (the IDEA Program), a unique, self-funding long-term Federal jobs creation and CoVid recovery program, based in part on our own funding needs to launch our Impact-Driven ventures.


The lack of funding often leads to leaving behind millions of jobs and thousands of viable businesses that can create good local jobs. This is even more true today in the post CoVid world! Innovative ideas appeal to Venture Capital (VC) groups and Investment Bankers (Bankers) only when they can control the entire process, see huge potential returns and the ideas are focused on a single objective. 


As a rule, VC and Bankers do not like out-of-the-box, well-orchestrated multi-venture business models like represented by Integrated Ventures and its team of “Visioneurs”.  However unfortunate the current lack of funding may seem to be, this new reality became the genesis behind the IDEA Program and several innovative self-funding strategies created by Integrated Ventures


Under the IDEA Program, the federal government would establish an initial IDEA Fund (Fund) with USD $10 billion ($10,000,000,000) or more, to provide non-recourse funding options for "impact-driven", socially focused private businesses, under a private/public partnership (Partnership) structure, subject to certain conditions, milestone accomplishments  and repayment terms. 


The proposed Fund would be administered by the U.S. Treasury, SBA, another governmental agency or outsourced entity desired to ensure compliance. Using Integrated Ventures as a real test Partnership 

case, we showcase how this Partnership structure will work. 


Integrated Ventures would seek and then receive a Funding Loan Grant (Grant) in the amount of up to $250 million ($250,000,000) to build-out its business model over three years. The Fund advances $50 million (20%) initially, with additional funds up to the full $250 million amount allocated, released under a mutually agreed set of milestones reached over the course of its business development, the number of jobs created and cashflow targets. 


Under the terms of the GrantIntegrated Ventures will have the sole right to use the proceeds provided as they deem necessary to accomplish its stated business objectives and goals. This includes using funds to acquire needed land, fund construction of facilities, purchase equipment or vehicles. As the 

Integrated Ventures core milestones are met, more funds are provided, increasing the number of jobs, and growing the business asset value.


Integrated Ventures would not incur any debt-related interest or similar funding costs. Instead, at some point, they begin to establish an ongoing cashflow and profits (estimated to be within year two of its initial operations). Under the IDEA Program terms and conditions, Integrated Ventures agrees to provide twenty percent (20%) of its pre-tax profit back to the Fund, until the Fund has received twice the value of total funds provided.


In the case of Integrated Ventures, assuming the full $250 million is provided, $500 million would be returned to the Fund for repurposing. This makes the Fund self-funding long-term, as the original capital plus additional dollars can be recycled back into the economy by funding new impact-driven ventures. 


The net effect is that taxpayers will have helped build a long-term jobs creation structure to drive new purpose-driven ventures that can benefit the population collectively at little to no added taxpayer cost. The net effect for Entrepreneurs who lack the collateral to borrow capital needed from Bankers is overcome, as is the need to give up substantial equity to obtain VC funding.


Although costly over the term, it is less costly over giving up equity at early stage venture valuations. 

Under this Partnership structure, entrepreneurs retain their business equity ownership and control of building of their private businesses, while rewarding employees with profit sharing, increased benefits and compensation values. 


The Partnership structure allows Integrated Ventures management teams to fully drive the business and marketing strategies as the combined vision deems necessary, without the ongoing pressure from a traditional outside profit or bottom-line perspective.


In addition, it allows Integrated Ventures to take full advantage of cash discounts paid for land and equipment, provides the capital to retain and compensate the experienced talent necessary to build its management teams. In light of the devastating impact of CoVid on business and over 40 million job losses - the timing is perfect for an IDEA Program.


By Federal mandate the IDEA Program would need to create a Social Value (SV) proposition accessible to all. Would hire both released and imprisoned inmates, and help move the U.S. economy forward, “Making Entrepreneurs Successful Again.”


From a purely political advantage, the IDEA Program offers any Politician of either party a means to showcase their support of entrepreneurs and job creation by empowering U.S.-based socially focused, impact-driven or purpose-driven entrepreneurs of tomorrow to help Make America Great Again. 


Entrepreneurs need to know their local, state and federal governments value their contribution makes 

to true job creation, and that they are supported by them in this effort. The time to drive this message of “Hope for Entrepreneurs” home has never been more needed or necessary. The IDEA Program can become a long-term life support mechanism for motivating millions of innovative entrepreneurs. It can clearly show the Federal government-at minimum values their contribution to the larger U.S. Economy. 


Integrated Ventures is “Shovel Ready” to get this program launched as its first viable funding candidate and stands ready to help design and build the IDEA Program as its founding member. Our ventures alone are projected to create over 40,000 new jobs within the first 10 years, and the only thing standing in the way is access to funding. 


We have circulated a summary overview of our IDEA Program proposal to various sources within and outside of government agencies starting in late June. We sincerely hope the Trump Administration will consider taking a serious look at offering it as one of the many tools needed to rebuild American small businesses and create much needed jobs. 









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