Proposed Initial & Future Locations of Our

Integrated Impact Venture Parks  

Integrated Venture Park LV.jpg

Integrated Impact Venture Parks (Impact Parks ), is a 

bold, yet simple business model.  By design it provides a

home for our five core businesses to operate collectively.


Impact Parks will be built on as little as 15 acres, however, we prefer  20 acre sites. They will be located at or near cruise ship ports, in destination resort island locations or remote regions that seek long-term food, water and energy security.


Each Impact Park will operate under a similar footprint to the one shown in the conceptual rendering above. Collectively, the five buildings shown house our companies and comprise over 355,000 square foot of usable office space. 


Initially Impact Park will seek locations at one or more of the key cruise ship ports that serve multiple cruise brands. These will include the following:


     1. Port Canaveral in Fort Lauderdale, Florida                     2. Port of Long Beach, California

     3. Port of Miami, Florida,                                                          4. Island of Sint Martin, Eastern Caribbean

     5. Port of Honolulu, Hawaii                                                      6. Port of San Francisco, California

     7. Port of Galveston, Texas                                                      8. Port of Vancouver, BC Canada

     9. Port of Seattle, Washington                                            10. Port of San Diego, California

The above are not listed in any order of preference and there are other ports that could benefit from an Impact Park. Although some ports manage year round cruising, many do not. The produce grown and other products or services are designed to also serve the local regional needs. In some cases we will build an Impact Park within an island country that serves them exclusively.   

We also intend to build an Impact Park in the greater Las Vegas, Nevada area. Las Vegas is one of the worlds largest meetings and convention venues, plus considered the entertainment capital of the world serving over 45 million visitors annually in a normal year. This allows us to showcase an active Impact Park to those who may want to consider one for their own home region.   

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