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The Impact Venture Parks Model

Integrated Impact Venture Parks (Impact Park )is a 

bold, yet simple business model.  By design it provides a

home for our five core businesses to operate collectively.


Impact Parks will be built on as little as 15 acres, but average 20 acres in most cases. Each will operate under a similar footprint to the one shown in the conceptual rendering above. Collectively, the five buildings shown will house our companies and comprise over 355,000 square foot of manufacturing and office space. 


Impact Parks represent our real estate development and management business model, as we will own, build and lease space to our stand-alone tenants - "our ventures" and others when suitable. Our offices will be located within the Integrated Ventures headquarters, proposed for either Las Vegas, Nevada, Sheridan, Wyoming or Santa Barbara County, California, as yet to be determined.


Each of the tenant companies are managed by their own management teams, but collectively owned by Integrated Ventures. This structure ensures that both Impact Parks and our group of companies can grow together under a well organized and highly duplicable expansion plan within markets throughout North America.


Impact Parks are best suited for cities or regions with populations of 500,000, or regional markets with 2,000,000 or more in population. Smaller island countries could also support Impact Parks, as they are 

ideally suited for island tourist destination locations that must ship in food and oil to generate power. Regions that can benefit from increased water, food and energy security long-term. 


We have also developed two (2) smaller, more compact and focused versions of our Impact Park models: 1) for state and federal prison facilities called our Prison Parks (Prison Parks), and 2) for cruise ship terminals called our Cruise Parks (Cruise Parks).


Both our Prison Park and Cruise Park models will incorporate the Plastic2Power waste processing to power, on-site solar electric generating systems, indoor vertical farming and water making operations. Cruise Parks will also feature our CityCube cold storage and ice making facilities.


Prison Parks are designed to offer paying jobs and future job training opportunities for inmates, while they produce the power, food and water needed for their individual prison location. This helps offset overall state and federal prison costs and we see huge potential in this segment, provided we get the support needed of state and federal leadership.

Cruise Parks are designed to reduce the carbon footprint of having to transport mainly produce to docks, provide bottled AirWater, plus dockside electrical hook-ups for ships, over having to run engines non-stop while in port. They will also offer cold storage of related frozen food items and provide ice. 


Integrated Ventures estimates having over 80 Impact, Cruise or Prison Parks in operation within 10 years within the United States, employing over 40,000 people, and generating revenues in excess of USD $3.4 billion annually from mainly food, water and power sales, plus cold storage fees. Click here to see our targeted initial locations.









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