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Integrated Ventures Corporate Campus

Although we have not yet determined where we will establish our Integrated Ventures corporate headquarters and Manufacturing Campus (Integrated Campus, the above rendering was designed for an 18 acre parcel in either Las Vegas, Nevada, or for a California site.


Nevada is a far more business friendly state over the excessive tax and regulatory environment of California, however, California offers advantages we feel outweigh some of their disadvantages. The 

principal advantages are 1) the quality of coastal living, 2) being the top electric vehicle market, and 3) having higher humid levels to support our atmospheric water making operation.

Assuming we can build our proposed Integrated Campus, it will serve as the headquarters and main manufacturing hub for each of our companies. They will design and build our needed equipment and related fixtures to grow not just our Impact Venture Parks (Impact Parks) business, but also support the growth of our stand-alone PlugHUBS model. 


Each separate company will have its own management teams, while working together in a collective way to accomplish our common goals and objectives. The Integrated Campus is the first planned construction project we will be undertaking, subject to funding, and  hope to have three Impact Parks under construction by early 2022.


Our logic behind the Integrated Campus is simple. We believe building our own custom equipment and related fixtures allows us the opportunity to not only ensure the quality of these items, but better control the delivery timelines to better service our own companies and outside corporate clients.

By eliminating third party fabricators and installers whenever possible, we will save millions of dollars in fees and mark-ups. This is important since Integrated Ventures will own and operate all Impact Parks directly.


Our Integrated Campus will feature an active AirWater PlugHUB and its headquarters facility that serves as a working demonstration unit showcase and training center. 


Plastic2Power will manufacture, operate and service all the plastic packaging waste processing and power generating plants.


Our Integrated SolarUV division will pre-fabricate the PlugHUB solar systems and carport canopies. Our PlugHUBS division will build the pre-engineered buildings it needs and install them.


Our AirWater division will build and service the atmospheric water making units for our PlugHUBS, and Travel Cafes network, providing local water companies and private parties a renewable water resource.


Our Fruit & Veggie division will build all grow racks and related items, supply all lights and controls, then install and service all locations.

Our CityCubes division will build all needed cold storage room components, acquire equipment for all Impact Park units, ice making systems, racks and related items, then install and service all locations.


Our Integrated Campus is expected to employ over 600 locals once established and underway in late 2021:  From office workers to welders, assembly workers to engineers, system designers to field installation teams, warehouse workers to truck drivers,   









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