Overview of The

Integrated Solar & UVC Business Model

Integrated Solar & UVC Systems (ISS) will develop, install and manage all of our stand-alone solar generated power grids in each Impact Venture Park.  Systems comprised of a network of roof-top panels, carport canopies and Smartflower solar sun-tracker farm, as seen in the above video. ISS will provide

and install all PlugHUB solar systems and manage them on a long-term basis. 

ISS will seek to work with local or regional power companies to offer surplus power whenever possible, but its systems are designed mainly for our own use. It may elect to partner with power companies on larger scale solar farm projects or provide and install, but let them manage such facilities.

ISS will also seek resort and commercial projects to provide its solar and UVC sanitation systems. This includes a fully managed SmartFlower generating solar farm if available.

The SmartFlower solar tracking system is a unique ground-mounted solar panel unit that tracks the sun throughout the day. Each SmartFlower opens at sunrise, tracks the sun throughout the day, then closes at sunset. They offer a number of other high-tech features. 

The SmartFlower unit itself is 194 SF in size (15 foot round when open) and includes a dual axis tracker so that it can maximize its solar energy production. According to Smartflower’s website, this translates into a 40% increase in energy production over a similar sized fixed rooftop solar panel system.


We are not yet certain that SmartFlower will become commercially cost effective or available on the scale we seek in the USA. There are similar ‘smart-like’ solar panel tracking systems we are exploring as well.  We may elect to build our own solar tracking systems if necessary.

ISS will also design, pre-fabricate the main buildings, and manage 

the power generating systems for our AirWater PlugHUBS division.

These fully staffed facilities(rendering on right) incorporate solar

electric roof tiles and solar car port canopies, which supply power

to a series of electric car charging bays.


We believe PlugHUBS will become as popular to electric vehicle

owners as a Starbucks location is to select coffee drinkers within

5 years. ISS will design alternate designs to meet the demands 

of the growing electric vehicle and RV owners in the years ahead. 

In light of the recent CoVid-19 pandemic, and ongoing public fears, ISS has been developing UVC 

sterilization systems to be incorporated into the PlugHUB locations. New portable and fixed, systems suitable for hotels, homes and commercial applications will be developed too, as we see this as a growth area. 









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