Brief Overview of The

Integrated Solar & UVC Systems Business 

Integrated Solar & UVC Systems (SolarUV) is one of our primary operating divisions that will develop, install and manage all of our stand-alone solar generated power grids within each Impact Park. Systems comprised of a network of roof-top solar panels, carport canopies and the Smartflower and DuraTrack solar sun-tracking

farms we will establish. SolarUV is the exclusive sales, installation and service provider for our Impact Parks. It will also design and manage our disaster relief power systems.

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SolarUV systems was designed mainly for our own needs.  However we will seek to work with regional power companies to offer surplus power whenever possible, and may elect to partner with local power companies or providers on larger scale solar farm projects or install them and let them manage such facilities.

SolarUV will also seek resort, vineyards and commercial projects to provide its solar and UVC sanitation systems. This includes fully managed Smartflower generating solar farms whenever possible.


Smartflower solar tracking systems offer a unique ground-mounted solar panel that tracks the sun throughout the day. Each Smartflower opens at sunrise, tracks the sun throughout the day, then closes at sunset. They offer a number of other high-tech features. They are perfect for schools, remote ranches, vineyards and other applications, and provide the maximum solar electric output possible in limited space conditions. Plus they look cool.

The Smartflower unit itself is 194 SF in size (15 foot round when open) and includes a dual axis tracker that it can maximize its solar energy production. According to Smartflower’s website, this translates into a 40% increase in energy production over a similar sized fixed rooftop solar panel system. Here are two more videos that share more about the Smartflower system.

Although the Smartflower is a cool and attractive solar panel system that

is well suited for small farms, vineyards and larger homes, SolarUV will

utilize the DuraTrack system, a more cost effective solar power generating

system for its Impact Park solar farms. They use traditional solar panels

and are perfectly suited for larger commercial solar generating needs. We

intend to build larger scale systems outside our Impact Parks for clients 

who may wish to add them within their local areas.

SolarUV will also develop a series of portable power systems that Incorporate Smartflowers mounted onto traitors, along with our sister company AirWater. 

In light of the recent CoVid-19 pandemic, and ongoing public fears, SolarUV is developing UVC sterilization systems, both portable and fixed that are suitable for hotels, homes and commercial applications. 

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