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KaffeLua Maui Coffee Company 

There are two important liquids on Earth, clean water and 

good coffee. Our AirWater business will provide an ample

supply of the first, and we commissioned APVG to provide

us with an exclusive quality coffee brand to retail to our

AirWater PlugHUB members. The KaffeLua Maui Coffee

Company (KaffeLua Coffee) is that brand. KaffeLua Coffee

is now being developed for us from beans grown on the

Island of Maui, Hawaii.


APVG, our parent company, intends to support the small private coffee growers and roasters on Maui to make our coffee. It has no current plans to establish its own coffee bean farm or roasting operation. Of course, that could change if the rich opportunity presented itself. 

The principal objective here is to create an exclusive product that our Members may wish to pick-up while getting their electric vehicles charged at one of our proposed AirWater PlugHUB locations. We will also serve fresh KaffeLua Coffee made with AirWater at each location. 








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