Proposed Initial & Future Locations of Our

Integrated Impact Venture Parks  

Integrated Impact Venture Parks (Venture Parks ), is a 

bold, yet simple business model.  By design it provides a

home for our five core businesses to operate collectively.


Venture Parks will be built on as little as 15 acres, but we prefer  20 acre sites. Each will operate under a similar footprint to the one shown in the conceptual rendering above. Collectively, the five buildings shown will house our companies and comprise over 355,000 square foot of manufacturing and 60,000 square feet of combined office space. 

Venture Parks has targeted 12 markets for initial locations within Nevada, Arizona, California and Hawaii as follows:


     Nevada:      Las Vegas and Reno,

     Arizona:      Phoenix,

     Hawaii:       Maui, Kauai, Hawaii and Oahu

     California:  Victorville, Camarillo, Long Beach, Santa Barbara and Buellton


The first three locations will be in Las Vegas, Camarillo and Buellton by early 2021.  This diverse regional footprint of locations, once built, will allow Venture Parks and Integrated Ventures  to gain valuable information on average construction and fixture costs, plus food, power and water yields by location, to better manage its future growth. 









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