Introducing Our

Integrated Business Partners

Integrated Ventures is a hybrid business model designed to merge for-profit businesses with non-profit goals and objectives. Ones that work seamlessly together to accomplish a set of pre-determined outcomes. In doing so we will partner with several related and unrelated businesses, partners and organizations whenever it is deemed beneficial to those outcomes.


At the hub of our wheel is our Founder's private Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation), and his CBO Worldwide (CBO Worldwide),  They are briefly shared below:

CBO Foundation logo.png

Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation) is the private non-profit Hawaiian organization focused on increasing awareness of ocean related issues, including the reduction of ocean plastic waste and marine debris, overfishing and needless shark finning for soup practices.The CBO Foundation is integrated into our company culture, as part of our "Porpoise-Driven" goal to help heal our principal natural food and Oxygen resource on Earth. We provide five-percent (5%) of our annual combined pre-tax net profits to help fund their efforts.