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Integrated Ventures is a hybrid business model designed to merge for-profit businesses with non-profit goals and objectives that work seamlessly together to accomplish a set of pre-determined outcomes. In doing so we will partner with several related and unrelated businesses, partners and organizations whenever it is deemed beneficial to those outcomes. 

At the hub of our wheel is our Founder's private Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation), and their ReefShark Apparel & Accessories (ReefShark), and KaffeLua Maui Coffee Company (Kaffelua). All services and or products to be integrated into our proposed EVPlugHUBS rapid charging network .

They are briefly shared below:

Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation) is the private non-profit Hawaiian organization focused on increasing awareness of ocean related issues, including the reduction of ocean plastic waste and marine debris, overfishing and needless shark finning for soup practices.The CBO Foundation is integrated into our company culture, as part of our "Porpoise-Driven" goal to help heal our principal natural food and Oxygen resource on Earth. We provide five-percent (5%) of our annual combined pre-tax net profits to help fund their efforts. 

ReefShark Apparel & Accessories (ReefShark) is a division of APVG and they will develop and operate an online store for the CBO Foundation, and also manage all

of our logo branded items across all brands.  They will provide uniforms, specialty

gifts items within EVPlugHUBS, reusable AirWater bottles, mugs and apparel items. Integrated Ventures has several unique logo's and all branded items with

its logos on them will be exclusively managed and marketed by them, under a

20% of retail sales royalty licensing fee. 

KaffeLua Maui Coffee Company (KaffeLua) was developed by our founder after years of travel and sailing the clear blue waters off the coast of Maui and other Hawaiian Islands. Besides the weather, he loved the coffeepots of all 

and created a proposed golf resort project around a coffee plantation there, which he never pursued. Our brand is a result of that experience and will be offered exclusively within our EVPlugHUBS, and his other private projects. 

We recently acquired our Founders Specialty Design Build Group (Specialty) and the added Integrated Concrete & Constriction (ICC) business models to our portfolio. Both will be merged into our business operations to serve as the primary contracting company that builds out our various projects. They are briefly shared below, with other partners to be added as we launch our operations.

Specialty will establish a custom metal fabrication shop, Aquarium

builder and its construction project 

management divisions to exclusively support the long-term build-out of all our projects

Although our founder initially scrapped Integrated Concrete & Construction (ICC). in January 2021 he elected to bring it back into the fold and establish it as a California General contacting business, as his roots are grounded in years of contracting in California and Nevada, and as a result his experience will help cost effectively build-out the initial EVPlugHUBS and other projects, most of which will consist of all concrete or tilt-up structures.  

We intend to seek out and acquire an existing California general contracting business, and obtain the required licenses to make this our primary general

contracting operation. They will build-out all of our projects, hire all sub trades and perform all concrete related work directly.

As a result of the above integration of our founders outside businesses and non-profit endeavors, it may be deemed to present certain conflicts of interest at times. As our goal is to take Integrated Ventures into a public corporate structure by early 2024, our Founder may exit the day-to-day operations of the Integrated Ventures business to better focus on his CBO Foundation and the support partnerships prior to going public, if required or necessary. No such determination has yet been made, but is showcased here to provide full transparency. 

Other Partners will surely be added as soon as we begin operations. 









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