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Integrated Impact-Driven Ventures Inc (Integrated Ventures) was developed by its parent and principal shareholder the AngelPreneur Venture Group Inc. (APVG), the privately-held asset management & venture development firm owned by our Founder/President/CEO. 

Clear Blue Oceans Foundation (CBO Foundation) is the private non-profit organization of APVG, which is focused on increasing awareness of ocean related issues, including the reduction of ocean plastic waste and marine debris, overfishing and needless shark finning for soup. The CBO Foundation is integrated into our company culture, as part of our "Porpoise-Driven" goal to help heal our principal natural food and Oxygen resource on Earth. We provide ten percent (10%) of our annual pre-tax net profits to help fund their efforts. 

The AngelPreneur: Building The Dream In Real Time 

PodCast Series (PodCast)). Integrated Ventures will be featured extensively within the content of this PodCast beginning in October 2020. 

Our Signature Sponsor (Sponsor) opportunity is still being developed, but a brief overview of its objectives and targeted industry segments can be found here. Once underway, we will add new outside Partners and Sponsors to showcase them and how they are incorporated into our various projects. 

Venture Funding: Integrated Ventures is is funded mainly by its parent APVG, with additional future funding coming from their $100 million Venture Fund, now in development. In addition, we are working on securing an initial USD $250 million in Federal jobs creation grants to help use drive American job growth in the post Covid world.


Additional funds will allow us to build our proposed 330,000 Square Foot multi-building campus, acquire the related technologies, equipment and systems, build our first three (3) initial Impact Venture Parks as defined elsewhere on this website.


APVG intends to structure Integrated Ventures for a future Direct Public Offering (DPO) of its equity shares by 2022, at a yet to be determined level. That offering will allow us to repay debt and fund future growth.  Contact Mr. Ortmann through this website for more details.









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