Overview of The Stand-Alone

AirWater PlugHubs Business Model

PlugHUBS Inc. (PlugHUBS) is a California corporation being structured as a future public company and

a stand-alone division of Integrated Ventures. It will develop, build and operate a membership-based network of fully staffed, franchise-like charging centers for electric automobile and recreational vehicle, plus hydrogen cell powered vehicle owners within North America and the Hawaiian Islands.


AirWater PlugHUBS are designed to become

the pioneer of the single source charging

solution for a growing electric vehicle market,

 incorporating the atmospheric water making

 services of Integrated VenturesHumidaPure

AirWater Company (AirWater), hence the 

AirWater PlugHUBS brand name. 


Members will pay a low monthly fee to obtain

unlimited rapid charging regardless of where

they may travel for their electric or hydrogen

cell vehicles, with the help of onsite staff,

regardless of vehicle cable requirements. 


Members may also fill their personal containers with fresh AirWater made onsite from outside humidity, or purchase new containers or pre-filled water products. They can enjoy a slice of specialty made pizza onsite or pre-packaged food items, take home a pizza, enjoy an exclusive KaffeeLua Maui grown coffee product or visit the restaurant next door while waiting or take home some beans. 

AirWater PlugHUBS will partner with and will incorporate popular food and beverage brands on larger

PlugHUB parcel (under a sub-lease of space - as shown in the above rendering).  Any concept will offer indoor/outdoor seating and a drive through service. 

Look For A PlugHUB Coming In Early 2021

Our initial PlugHUBS will be located along the highways between Las Vegas and up and down the State of California, Arizona and Utah, and by late 2022 we also plan to be on all major Hawaiian islands. No firm locations have yet been secured.


PlugHUBS are designed to replace the many former gas stations that now exist in all cities, which sit on an acre of well located land. The design rendering above represents an average single AirWater PlugHUB site, and sits on .68 acres lot (200' x 150' = 30,000 SF). 


To manage growth, we developed an exclusive location management opportunity, similar to a small business franchise concept, whereby interested operators can acquire a PlugHUB Management & Revenue Sharing Partnership Agreement (Partner or Agreement).


Like a franchisee, interested Partners may deposit $20,000 to secure their first potential site within a 

city or region, plus $50,000 for each additional site up to five (5) maximum, of which all but the initial $20,000 fee will be fully refundable over 36 months. 


PlugHUBS will then buy or lease the potential property, build out the location at its expense, and then share in the revenues of that location with the Partner who will manage them under our terms and conditions. We believe that having vested manager Partners in each location will lead to better member experiences. 


Stay tuned for more details as we launch PlugHUBS own website in Spring of 2021.   









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