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AirWater PlugHUB Business Model

PlugHUBS, Inc. dba: AirWater PlugHUBS (PlugHUBS), is a joint venture with our parent APVG, and is currently in the launch mode. We plan to establish its corporate offices in Thousand Oaks, California, within the heart of the largest electric car market state in North America, establish one of our first locations and a showroom by early 2021.


The PlugHUBS business model was born out of the Integrated Ventures marketing strategy and goal to increase awareness of HumidaPURE AirWater Company (AirWater), our atmospheric water-making

division and Signature PlugHUB Sponsor, as well as our Integrated Solar & UVC systems division, both incorporated within our proposed local Impact Venture Park businesses.


PlugHUBS will promote the values and products of our divisions, plus electric vehicles of our branded electric vehicle Sponsors and related services through our website and video displays.  What will make us unique, however, is that PlugHUBS will build a membership-based service-minded network of fully staffed electric vehicle charging centers that accommodate any type of electric vehicle, replacing local gas stations as they phase out of our local communities. 

Members can join online or

on site, and depending on 

membership chosen, receive

unlimited car charging ability,

plus can refill their personal 

water containers with 50 to

150 gallons of AirWater made

fresh daily at each location.

Under the program, members can reserve a charging slot by mobile app, or just drop in and when they arrive a PlugHUB attendant will greet them, provide a rapid charging cable that fits their unique car or RV, and charge them up.


PlugHUBS will form partnerships with electric car manufacturers (Car Partners) who may offer 1, 2 or 3 year pre-paid PlugHUB memberships to buyers when selling their electric cars, pre-paying a discounted annual membership fee. These Car Partner brands will be featured on our website, with active links and dealership location maps.

To understand the model, think full-service gas stations of the 70's and 80's, if you are old enough to remember what service represented. PlugHUBS goal is to repurpose old gas stations as they phase out, with new facilities like shown in the above conceptual rendering. 


In many cases, PlugHUBS will be located within existing retail or strip mall shopping center parking lots, or near major highway off-ramps. Most will share similar design features, but they may vary in size based on the location and projected traffic flows.

If the vehicle owner (Member) elects to shop or visit a nearby store or dine in restaurant while having their vehicle charged, PlugHUBS will offer a valet-style service to move and secure their vehicle until they return. This frees up the charging bay to help us monetize the business model, while offering more flexibility for the vehicle owner.  


PlugHUBS intends to partner with local area hotels that operate electric shuttle busses and electric vehicle ride sharing providers, and will seek to work with ride-sharing companies to offer low cost charging options for drivers. 


PlugHUBS will offer more than just a rapid charge and fresh bottled AirWater made on-site. They will offer a dozen specialty pizza's made fresh for both takeout or dining on-site while waiting (Note: Members earn one or more FREE pizzas each month depending on their membership level). The goal is to drive revenues, while adding unique membership value.  


PlugHUBS will also feature APVG's exclusive Hawaiian grown KaffeLua Maui Coffee brand, bagged Ice made from AirWater, a selection of soft drinks, juices, fresh fruit smoothies, pre-made sandwiches,

limited snacks, reusable mugs and bottles, even limited logo-branded apparel and accessories.  

Initially we will develop and open twenty (20) or more PlugHUB Locations along the major highways between Las Vegas, Nevada and various cities in California, Utah and Arizona by the end of 2021, and a dozen locations within Hawaii by 2022. 


Although designed as a replacement for existing gas stations being closed, on under one acre lots within our communities, they will also be located in select areas along interstate 5, 10, 15 the 101 and others throughout the western states.  Most importantly, PlugHUBS will become known as both a local and travel asset members can depend on for offering clean bathroom facilities. 


California is the largest electric vehicle market, with Nevada, Hawaii and Arizona not far behind. We project having over 300 PlugHUBS located within the western states by the end of 2025, and over 2,000 locations within all major cities by 2030. 

Integrated Ventures is currently seeking a limited number of industry reality Sponsors for its network 

of future PlugHUBS, establish working relationships with electric vehicle brands and ride-sharing operators to help us better mold our business model prior to launching our first PlugHUB.  More details can be found on the link above.









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