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Our AirWater PlugHUBS division has developed an exclusive Sponsorship (Sponsor) opportunity for all electric vehicle manufacturers interested in cross promoting their car brands or models. plus a limited number of select brands in the following industry sectors: Ride-sharing, Lodging, Airline, Car Rental, 

Cruise Line, Fast Food, Credit Card, Banking, and Retail.

The goal is to select one core brand category from each of the above sectors as the Official "PlugHUB" Brand Sponsor, incorporating product or service placements within the operation of the business. Sponsors will be integrated into our website with a listing, dedicated webpage and video displays in our network of PlugHUB locations.


The cost for a Vehicle or ride-sharing brand Core Sponsorship is a one-time fee of USD $350,000, up to and until the opening of the 20 th PlugHUB location. Thereafter, the ongoing Sponsorship Fee will be based on the active locations at a rate of $7,500 annually per location, which is subject to change.


Fees will be billed and due in advance. Core Sponsors who wish to terminate their relationship may do so with 60 days notice. Since PlugHUBS support all electric vehicle types, any e-vehicle auto, RV or shuttle bus brand, as well as ride-sharing brand can become a Core PlugHUB Sponsor.

All Sponsors will have a dedicated webpage on our website once active, which allows them to reach our membership with direct web links and allows for video advertisements. All will be featured on a rotating basis in the weekly member e-letter, and have direct access to our membership mailing list, subject to PlugHUBS for approval and direct mailing by us, if desired.     


Sponsor Fees help offset the cost of operating the growing PlugHUBS network and minimize the end user electric charging costs long-term. Additional Sponsor categories will be considered, provided they relate to our business model, however, our goal is to secure one brand per category.


Interested Sponsors may contact us through this website. Rates subject to change and shown mainly for outline purposes.









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