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SunStar Transportation (SunStar)  is a division of Integrated Ventures and designed exclusively to support the EVPlugHUBS membership program. It will acquire and operate a fleet of EV powered luxury coaches in a partnership with PlugHUBS Inc, (PlugHUBS) to offer its members a point-to-point transportation system between its EVPlugHUB locations in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and later Hawaii. It will also acquire and operate its local free EV shuttle fleets and vans at each location to shuttle members to local airports, shopping venues, hotels and resorts. They will seek to offer charter air service to and from Hawaii in the future.

                                                                                             SunStar will operate an electric powered transportation

                                                                                             fleet called the ClubLimoLiner once operational in 2022,

                                                                                             However, to get there that will require enhancing the

                                                                                             range of 45 passenger luxury coaches (buses), which currently travel a maximum of 230 miles on a full charge, and require four or more hours to recharge. The above video of MCI electric coaches is one of the coach manufacturers we are considering, but we have no agreements entered into as of March 2021 with any EV coach manufacturer.


To overcome this power/battery limitation for longer range trips, say from Los Angeles to Las Vegas to Salt Lake City as an example, which would require either long passenger layovers to recharge batteries or change overs to already recharged coaches, SunStar is developing a replaceable energy storage system (Battery) with an established batter company and hoping to work with a manufacturer to incorporate this replaceable storage system once done into our fleet of Coaches.


SunStar has identified a regional transportation grid between key destinations, in partnership with 

PlugHUBS to develop targeted EVPlugHUB PLUS  locations. They will allow us to make short stops to swap out our coach batteries in under 30 minutes and serve as our coach and shuttle cleaning service centers as well. The PLUS version is basically an add on section (seen in the conceptual design rendering below) of the primary EVPlugHUBS  to be located in between the PLUS unit locations. 

The EVPlugHUB PLUS add-on is designed as a single story bus stop of sorts. Member passengers will be able to get off their coach and visit the members lounge, restrooms, stretch their legs or sleep through the entire process as the SunStar staff replaces the coach batteries for the next leg of travel. Passengers can board here or disembark, and catch a free shuttle service to local points of interest to complete their point-to-point destination travel, or catch an Uber or Lyft service. 

The standard EVPlugHUB design and service-minded approach will remain the same, offering both EV owner members and non EV owner members a unique membership program. SunStar also intends to develop a private charter air service for PlugHub members to and from the four Islands of Hawaii as an added future benefit at an added cost.













SunStar intends to use newer Boeing 737 aircraft configured with an all luxury business class seating footprint with just 44 first class seats. Member airfare is supplemented with our freight services between the Islands and targeted locations, including but not limited to Las Vegas and Reno Nevada, Salt Lake City, Utah, Phoenix, Arizona, Orange County, Goleta/Santa Barbara, Santa Monica and San Diego, California. It will feel more like a luxury flying coach (bus). 


In keeping with our integrated Ventures culture, we will incorporate a number of our products and services into each flight, such as AirWater, PlugHUB specially pizzas and sandwiches, KaffeLua Maui coffee and other produce grown in our vertical indoor farms.  In short, expect a truly first class and relaxing flight to and from Hawaii once SunStar Air get underway in the years ahead. 









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