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As the saying goes "The Road to Success is Paved with Good Intentions - but Always Under Construction"

We can certainly attest to that in our case, and the information presented on this or related websites is therefore intended merely to showcase our large-scale business plans of both Integrated Impact-Driven Ventures Inc (Integrated Ventures), PlugHUBS, Inc (dba: EVPlugHUBS), our proposed network of rapid electric charging centers and our proposed launch strategies.


This and all related websites or webpages are a work in progress, and some content may not fully reflect recent changes. It undergoes updating from time to time and is designed to better outline our overall business vision to help our partners, investors and future employees better understand our goals. 

Although some companies and elements of Integrated Ventures business operations are already active and underway, some programs or companies outlined on this website are not yet active. 


The ongoing CCP Virus (CoVid-19) pandemic and shutdown of the economy in general, but America in particular, has caused substantial disruption and we continue to readjust some of our original plans or launch strategies. That having been said, our sites are being updated and today our business model as presented is better than ever. We are once again moving forward. 


We intend to substantially help build out the national electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure with our EVPlugHUBS business model in 2021, then begin developing our proposed Impact Parks model starting in 2022. To accomplish this we have started seeking required CEO's needed to lead each of our individual management teams to accomplish our stated goals and objectives.


Once positioned, each team will be tasked to take their division forward, refine the designs of the various needed equipment and systems, source out all the related vendor partners and drive their unique units forward in a collective mission overseen by Integrated Ventures Founder/President/CEO Peter "The AngelPreneur" Ortmann. 


Although we expect to launch our companies as presented herein, some projects will likely be refined further, names and logos may be changed, and we may enter into partnerships with selected firms, banks, venture groups or private parties to secure growth capital. No guarantee can be given that all ventures will in fact be launched as presented, as all are subject to economic considerations, proper funding and overall market conditions.

Integrated Ventures corporate office is currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, with PlugHUBS Inc located in Thousand Oaks, California. We intend to build our corporate campus in California and relocate our operations there in late 2021. This is due mainly to the fact that California is pro-solar, pro-EV and the largest EV market in the United States, plus it will host the largest number of initial EVPlugHUBS locations. 

Please Note: Neither Integrated Ventures, nor any related company is seeking investors for its programs, projects of business ventures at this time. However, we are open to talks with suitable venture partners. Our primary goal and objective is to maintain Integrated Ventures as a private company that supports the EVPlugHUBS network, which we will lead to a potential future public company, conducting a Direct Public Offering (DPO) of equity shares through a private placement in early 2022. They will conduct a series of fundings to support its future rapid growth strategy. No guarantee can be made that such a listing will in fact be offered, and this website nor any information hereon is intended to be deemed an offer to sell or solicit any securities.


Integrated Ventures is currently exploring financing options to secure up to $375 million in credit line or debt-to-equity financing, state and federal grants or a combination thereof. We are also entertaining partnerships and sponsorship opportunities with auto brands and other related brands for EVPlugHUBS, may seek direct product or service brand placement opportunities within our operations and future websites from private and public companies. 


For more information on the Integrated Ventures or the above opportunities, please contact us directly through this website.









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