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As the saying goes "The Road to Success is Paved with Good Intentions but Always Under Construction", and we can certainly attest to that in our case. The information presented on this website is therefore

intended to showcase our large-scale business plans of Integrated Impact-Driven Ventures Inc (Integrated Ventures), its proposed projects and launch strategy.


This website is designed to better online our overall business vision to help our partners, investors and future employees better understand our goals. Although some companies and elements of the overall 

Integrated Ventures business plan are already active and underway, some programs or companies outlined on this website are not yet active. 


The ongoing CCP Virus (CoVid-19) pandemic situation and shutdown of the global economy in general, but America in particular, has caused us substantial disruption and to readjust some of our original plans. That having been said, today our business model as presented is better than ever and once again moving forward. 


We intend to substantially build out our Impact Parks model over the next three (3) years. To that end, we will start seeking required CEO's needed to lead each of our individual management teams starting in January 2021 to accomplish our stated goals and objectives. 


Although we expect to launch our companies as presented, some projects will likely be refined further, names and logos may be changed, and we may enter into partnerships with select firms to secure growth capital.

Although we are currently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, we may relocate to a city within Ventura or Santa Barbara county California in 2021. No guarantee can be given that all ventures will in fact be launched as presented, as they are subject to economic considerations, proper funding and overall market conditions.

Please Note: Neither Integrated Ventures, APVG, nor any related company is seeking investors for its programs, projects of business ventures at this time. We are open to developing Integrated Ventures into a potential future public company, with a goal of conducting a Direct Public Offering (DPO) of shares through a private placement in early 2023 to fund future growth. No guarantee can be made that such a listing will in fact be offered, and as such, this website is not deemed to be an offer to sell or solicit any securities.


Integrated Ventures is, however, currently exploring lender financing options to secure a $250 million credit line with multiple lenders, entertaining active partnerships and sponsorship opportunities with auto brands for its AirWater PlugHUBS model, may accept direct product or service brand placement opportunities within our operations and future websites from private and public companies. 


For more information on the Integrated Ventures or the above opportunities, please contact us directly through this website.









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